It was from a hospital bed that Christine Walker decided to take a leap of faith and start her own publishing company. Devil Doc Publishing is based on the core values of integrity, excellence, and inspiration, and was named as a wink and a nod to her fellow corpsman who served FMF/8404. 

Navy Hospital Corpsman Turned Free Spirit

Born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado, Christine Walker joined the United States Navy after high school and served as a Hospital Corpsman at Lejeune Marine Corps Base NAVHOSP during and after Desert Storm. 

 Following Walker’s discharge from the military, she embraced a free-spirited lifestyle, following her interests where they would take her. She ended up graduating from the Texas Peace Officer Academy in 1996. Shortly thereafter, she returned to Southern California and began working as the Security Coordinator for a pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facility in La Jolla.

After returning to Texas, in 2007, Walker switched gears again and began transitioning into the non-profit sector. She helped to establish a faith-based non-profit organization, which she led for over eight years, while also serving on the Board of NAMI, a mental health advocacy organization. 

An Introduction to Publishing

In 2015, Walker moved to the Denton, Texas area where she started CW Consulting Service, utilizing the graphic and web design skills she had learned over the years. At the same time, she also took a job with a small, well-established newspaper. Walker became enthralled with the world of publishing and absorbed everything she could from the newspaper’s editor. In 2019, Walker and a business partner started MAC Publishing & Media Group, publishing a community magazine. During that time, Walker was also becoming heavily involved in the Veteran community and had a renewed sense of pride for her time in military service. 

Taking a Leap of Faith

In May 2020, Walker had to have major abdominal reconstructive surgery for a life-threatening condition. While in the hospital recovering, she thought about her life and whether she was living it to the fullest. It was then that Walker decided to take a leap of faith and start her own publishing company, Devil Doc Publishing, beginning with the publication of a Veterans magazine unlike any other she had seen available.  

A Magazine is Born

In August 2020, AT EASE! Veterans Magazine was born. Initially, the quarterly magazine was envisioned as a small county publication. But, with the overwhelming support Walker received from Veterans across the country she reworked the calculations and re-structured the business model to make the magazine available by print and digital subscription throughout the Continental United States. The first issue was published in March 2021. 

Veterans Supporting Veterans

Beginning with the Summer 2021 issue, AT EASE! Veterans Magazine will offer stories and articles on military history, Veteran stories, Girls & Grit (female Vets), DD-214 & Beyond, Salute to Satire, Back on the Home Front, Health & Wellness, Chaplain’s Corner, TAPS (a memorial page to honor our brothers and sisters lost) and highlights on “Boots on the Ground” Veteran organizations that are making a real and lasting impact in the lives of Veterans.  

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